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 Released November 15th, 2016

Released November 15th, 2016

 Released June 16th, 2014

Released June 16th, 2014

 Released November 21st, 2012

Released November 21st, 2012

 Released October 26th, 2010

Released October 26th, 2010

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What People Say


  • "Kraemer has created an album (Radiance) of peaceful, reflective pieces meant to give glory to God. The pieces are beautifully conceived and composed as well as thoughtfully titled. I will listen to this album many times, I am sure." - Beth Gigante Klingenstein, Ph.D., Executive Director of North Dakota Council on the Arts


  • "Melodic, often poignant, and very beautiful, Weeping Joy is definitely a keeper!" Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano


  • "Since he was 15 years old, Kraemer has been writing his own music — mostly instrumentals for piano, but he’s writing more songs with lyrics and is expanding into orchestra composition as well. His music is gentle and contemplative." - Carolyn Lange, West Central Tribune


  • “And as I surf the net I occasionally come across pianists I really like - and want to share with others. John Kraemer is such a pianist. His CD 'When the Evening Fades' is something special. Very 'Winstonesque,' this one has what I call the 'x factor,' that quality you know is there but can't quite put a finger on. What really blew me away when I first checked into John and his music is how young he is compared to the emotional maturity of the music.” - Edward Weiss, Piano Musings Blog, Quiescence Music



  • “Simply Magical.. If you like George Winston, you will love John Kraemer!” - iTunes User Review


  • “I like your song (Aurora). Nice and soothing!” - ReverbNation User Review


  • “John, your CD is great! You have such talent. Thanks for sharing your gift!”

  • “Played your CD at school while my 4-year-olds colored. They said, "Ask him if he will make another CD for us!" It was a hit.”

  • “Hi John, I've listened to your CD 3 times already. It is more than wonderful! Keep writing and recording!” 

         -Facebook User Reviews


  • "For Christmas, my husband wanted some classical music to listen to while he was working. I had read about John Kraemer from another source and decided to check out his site. The samples I listened to were simply beautiful. My husband plays this CD (When The Evening Fades) often, and can't wait until John comes out with another." 

  • "John is a great musician and composer! This cd (When The Evening Fades) is a joy to listen to! I would highly recommend it!"        

       - Amazon User Reviews


  • "Absolutely amazing, the beautiful harmony soothes the mind... A feeling of a refreshing start" - Pandora User Review


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